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Work from my time at Google.com

Home Device Prototyping

A team of engineers wanted to workshop a home device that would appeal to children.

I was brought on to visualise the device and bring life to it. At first, I sketched out ideas from conversations with the engineers about how the device should feel (taking the shape language from reference).

And then we worked with an industrial designer to define how the device could move, prototyping and rendering as 3D objects which keeping real-world limitations and materials in mind.

Buildout Open

At Google Developer Studios, I worked with developers to create a visual identity for their shows.

The initial look of the show was based on the set design and the blueprints that the show used to explain concepts

To work across both 2D and 3D

show open


Google Developer Studio had existing 2D iconography. To make the existing library more versatile, we worked to add reusable 3D elements.

Maps Anniversary Project

For Google Maps 10th Anniversary, the Google Maps Team wanted to create a web-page detailing the history of the product. Part of the experience would be a playful ‘diorama slice’ that would play as you scrolled through the page.

They wanted to Sony’s page that revealed the inside of products.

I rendered the animations as a series of moving stills so the developers could integrate them into the page.

The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

Google Arts & Culture did an interactive series on the National Parks: LINK

My role was to take in their proprietary 3D map data (which was inaccessible to the public), animate the camera moving from location to location, process it for use across video and interactive, and wrangle all the different types of media that the project required, moving between them as the project required (rendered, location footage, 360 footage).

Playbytes Show Branding

Google Developer’s Studio show ‘Playbytes’, a show made for developers targeting the Google Play Store.

In addition to the show branding (which was a refresh) and assets (open, lower 3rds, etc) they needed a series of clean ‘gamer-y’ backgrounds that could be used in a variety of contexts.