Portfolio – BlockFi – Work

Here’s a bit more detail on various projects at BlockFi.

BlockFi 3D Styleguide

When I arrived a BlockFi, the brand already had a beautiful, well-established 2D style in place, so I adapted it to 3D, formalizing elements and putting guidelines in place so all 3D imagery would mesh with the current branding.

The guide served several purposes: (A) Established a fluent brand language between everyone on the team, starting a conversation about what worked for our voice and what didn’t (B) Created an actual library of 3D assets that I could re-use at any time AND that any 2D designer could pick up and use in their work (C) Served as a quick reference to get any freelancers up to speed or keep any outside agency in the loop per project.


As BlockFi shifted their focus to more established investors, the we worked with the product team to clarify and strengthen a voice that would appeal to the new target client, creating the imagery and visuals that anchored the pages.

The ACD and I worked out a stripped back, subdued reworking of many of the previous designs, reducing them to their most basic forms and colors. We then had a visually consistent library that the designers could choose from and build with. It was the same BlockFi, just through a different lens with a different subject.

All of this leads into creating a library of re-usable imagery and assets that can be accessed by any of the 2D designers that will blend with their designs.


A campaign stepping back from the more playful voice of BlockFi to strike a more sincere, sleek, premium tone.

I created the still imagery to be used in the targeted campaign which set out to catch the eye of high net-worth individuals.


A recurring project at BlockFi was to create high quality memes featuring the BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards card as the main character.

Because it was a recurring project with repeating assets, it was important to make everything templated and procedural.

I organised the characters into modular components, turning each into a Houdini Digital Asset that could be built upon and extended, but also updated if the card design changed.

It was fast enough to leverage into a last minute series of Christmas card images that went out to clients.

Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin Pizza Day is an annual ‘event’ that celebrates a key moment in the evolution of crypto. I created a series of fun animations to accompany social media posts throughout the day.

Year End Recap Short

We did a year-end recap animation to highlight progress and key moments throughout the year of growth. We wanted it to be fun but also feel like quality animation.

To make the turnaround faster, it leveraged a 2D animated mouth that reacted to the voiceover so there was no hand animating the dialogue. The project took advantage of Maya’s extensive rigging and character animation system, Adobe’s 2D character animation for the mouth, and Houdini’s data processing/pipeline strengths for the final renders.

BlockFi Card Launch Animation

We needed a quick animation to announce the launch of the BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card.

The reference given was early 90’s informercial meets early 90s Saturday-morning-toy-commerical.

Turnaround was fast and the information comes through really fast, but the point of the video wasn’t so much to inform as it was to build excitement around the launch, tapping into nostalgia that would immediately resonate with the target client.

Credit Card B-Roll

Beyond specialized promotional videos, there was a need for generic glamour shots of the credit card that could be easily accessed, so I created a library of credit card footage that could be used in any media engagement scenario (interview backgrounds, promotional videos, etc.).

The credit card went through a couple redesigns, so the 3d projects and library were entirely procedural.


A lot of the work I did at BlockFi was focused on social media channels. The goal was to fuel growth and engage current clients. Much of that is building trust around the brand and that all starts with quality visuals and tongue-in-cheek self awareness.