The Golden Record was a project by Nasa. Carl Sagan spearheaded it. They put a record made of gold on a spacecraft and shot it in the opposite direction of earth. On the record were images and sounds of planet earth. Read more about it here >

The Yellow Record was a very long video (technically, a feature length short film) that I sent to filmmakers I really liked.

The idea was that I had moved to New York to work in film, but the film world seemed like it was in another galaxy. I wanted to make a version of the Golden Record about me: a record of my images and sounds (the good images and sounds).

I did the video, sent Blu-Rays (numbered 1 to 20) out along with a scale model of the Voyager spacecraft and…

I didn’t receive any replies, but that’s okay, because Carl Sagan didn’t either and so we weren’t overrun by little green men who were unsympathetic to our values and customs.

The point of the Golden Record wasn’t to actually put an open call out to possibly hostile aliens and/or film producers who probably would have taken advantage of me anyways, it was to make a statement about the people on earth, by the people on earth.

So, I made a statement about myself by myself. And it wasn’t very good. Here’s an abridged cut of it: