The Golden Record was a Nasa project. It was spearheaded by Carl Sagan. They put a record made of gold on a spacecraft and shot it out into space. On the record were images and sounds of planet earth. It’s pretty incredible. Read more about it here >

The Yellow Record was an assinign project. It was spearheaded by Andrew Samuel. It was a feature length short film. I sent to filmmakers I really liked. I burned the movie onto bluray discs, colored them yellow, numbered them 1 to 20, and sent them to the production companies of each filmmaker.

#7 of 20. It was returned by the postal service, damaged.

The idea behind the project: I had moved to New York to work in film, but the film world seemed like it was in another galaxy. I wanted to make a version of the Golden Record about me, a record of my images and sounds (the good images and sounds).

I did the video, sent Blu-Rays (numbered 1 to 20-30) out along with a scale model of the Voyager spacecraft and…

I didn’t receive any replies, but that’s okay, because Carl Sagan didn’t either and he was still able to go on to a lucrative career as a television presenter.

The point of Sagan’s Golden Record wasn’t to actually put an open call out to aliens and/or film producers who probably would have taken advantage of me anyways, it was to make a statement about the people on earth by the people on earth, a token of of self reflection and self affirmation.

So, I made a statement about myself by myself and it wasn’t very good. Here’s an abridged cut of it (about an hour and a half sped up to fit into about a minute and half):

This was the voyager model that I sent with each disc. This one was returned in the same damaged box as the disc above.