Scale Model of a Scale Model of the Villa Savoye

What happens to an modernist architectural masterpiece post-apocalypse? It becomes post-modern. It becomes the focus of self assessment, rearrangment, and of The Guardian Robot of the Villa Savoye.

The Guardian Robot / Converted Automated Lawnmower

A hover mower robot that was previously tasked with cutting the grass and maintaining the shrubbery becomes The Villa Savoye’s greatest defender.

Equipped with sensory equipment meant to avoid obstacles and alert people, the robot learns about the life and times of Le Corbusier, giving tours of the site to no one, while defending the facade from roving bands of graffiti artists.

The guardian robot doesn’t care for your critiques of Le Corbusier’s philosophical and artistic ambitions, it doesn’t care about you at all. You’re probably dead. You probably died in the great catastrophe. And if you did manage to survive, your world vision is probably shattered, having seen what people are truly capable of when faced with true scarcity. You’ve probably devolved into nihilism and are unworthy of the space created by Le Corbusier. So the robot only cares about maintaining The Villa Savoye, making sure that it’s kept in the same state as it was the day the modern world ceased to be.

The project is meant to be experienced in VR, where you are given a tour of the Villa Savoye by the guardian robot if the guardian robot deems you worthy and finds no cannisters of spraypaint on your personage.

Realtime Diorama Turntable

But why is it really so protective of the remains of the Villa Savoye? Why did the robot begin to take such an interest in a modernist architectural masterpiece? What object was left inside the Villa Savoye when all the humans fled the urban and rural cultural centers?

The answers can only come from the speaker system installed in The Guardian Robot of the Villa Savoye.