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I’m a versatile 3D designer/modeler/animator with production experience across a variety of industries and roles.

Having worked professionally as a broadcast video editor, I have a deeply ingrained feel for storytelling. Having worked as a motion designer, I understand and appreciate design fundamentals and the need for visual appeal. And, having worked as a 3D specialist gives me the ability to resolve technical and creative problems in order to bring elements together with both brute force and efficiency.

I’m able to reconcile a wide range of disciplines and experiences to create visuals that define brands and tell cohesive stories.

SOFTWARE: Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter/Designer, Nuke, and all the relevant Adobe stuff, I’m constantly pushing my skillset into new territory but always bringing it all back home. I do a bit of scripting, as well, leveraging Vex (Houdini), MEL (Maya), and Python (project pipeline tools).

motion reel


Key projects from my time at Google, Foster+Partners, The Hut Group, Fuse TV, BlockFi (currently), and freelance.


The Hut Group wanted to completely rebrand before going public.

So, working directly with the creative director, I handled all phases of production on the launch video which was to headline the home page – storyboarding/lookdev to modeling/texturing to lighting to editing.


GDD India 2017

Google Developer Days 2017 was the largest event Google had ever hosted in India and they needed an exciting, fresh, on-brand animation to kick off the event.

I created this opening animation which was to be played on a 40X10 foot screen and lead into the first keynote speaker. The goal was to energize the attendees, establish the brand/event visuals, and set the celebratory tone for the week.



At Foster+Partners, my job was to communicate directly with architects and translate the concepts of their proposed structures into visually appealing and understandable animations.

The architect and I would work out the concept together, then I would come up with a style based on the pitch’s target client, adapting to industry conventions and cultural norms based on the locale.


Here’s a bunch of images and animations from projects that fill in some of the gaps left above to give you an idea of my range of style and technical ability.


Personal projects that you probably didn’t want to hear about but knew were going to come up eventually. Have a browse through the main site (new tab) or click through each image for more comprehensive look-throughs (and please don’t steal my ideas).


Thanks for checking out my work.

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