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The Final Video:

Design | Animation | Videography | 3D Particle Simulation | Editing

The Project

Schrodinger is a company that does a lot of things: material science, drug discovery, molecular simulation software, machine learning, collaborative research, and more. They have offices and teams all around the world and are heavily involved in major scientific breakthroughs. Yet, no one knows what they do.
Our task on the creative team was to explain what they do to the public and to potential investors and, as the Motion Designer on the team, I was tasked with creating a short video that did just that.

The Process

I was provided a script to from and created a storyboard which we iterated on in collaboration with scientists across the company.
The video included animations, live footage, and a voiceover.
One major focus of the video was to present Chemical Space in visually appealing way (but also retaining a level of scientific accuracy that would satisfy all the stakeholders. So, I developed the visual language of the Chemical Space Cloud.
Chemical Space is the concept of all possible molecules and material compounds, mapped into physical 3D space with XYZ coordinates and my imagery was based on the PubChem model:
It was a challenge not only make the idea visually appealing, but the model above is only theoretical and is specific to one area of research. We had to make it ours.
We also wanted this to be a re-usable asset not exclusive to this single video… something that could be applied to any division within the company, versatile enough to adapt to any area of science as well as each department’s individual branding.
So, in Houdini, I created a procedural point cloud that could be re-colored and shaped to any purpose with a scalable point count (up to 80 million particles).
And from this cloud we could create a series of assets to serve any purpose (backgrounds, textures, features, web imagery, etc.)

The video also needed to feature employees at the company, so shot footage around the office over the course of several months.
In the end, the video served not only as the centerpiece for us to tell our story, but as the foundation for more department-specific videos to come.