The Seedless.

A video about seedless grapes and the dominant 2009 Los Angeles Lakers.

You like videos about fruit? Well, here’s a video about bananas:

You want more fruit? Sure. Here’s a video about Strawberries:

More!??!?! Okay:

Even more?! Okay… but I’m really scraping the bottom of my fruit barrel here so it’s not very good and takes a long time to be not very good, but you wanted more fruit, here’s some more fruit… the pomegranate:

I mean, the Lakers were so fucking dominant. Even then, I knew we were seeing something historic. And I still think there’s some revisionism going on that tries to lessen how completely unbeatable they were. Bynum and Gasol!?!?! Just watch this team toy with Dwight Howard in spite of how truly amazing and in form he was:

Go to 9:30 to see the moment Kobe does it again. Beautiful Kobe. Kobe.