Once there was a cloud that rained.

The cloud that rained, rained.

The cloud that rained wasn’t like other clouds, though.

The cloud that rained could freely go where it thought it needed to rain.

Most clouds have to go with the wind and the relative barometric pressure of its immediate surroundings.

But the cloud that rained was a special cloud and one day it came upon a small town that badly needed rain.

So, the cloud that rained, rained.

And the townspeople were very appreciative of the rain. Their streams once again streamed, their flowers once again flowered.

But one day, the cloud that rained rained while the townsfolk were having their annual parade.

The people of the town turned on the cloud and began throwing foreign objects at the cloud.

So, the cloud left and made its way to the city.

And fell in love with a girl at the top of one of the towers.

And they lived happily ever after from 9 to 5.

[cloud that rained taking a siesta on some high altitude clouds because raining and not raining are both very exhausting]

Or maybe not. Maybe something happens that made the cloud very, very angry. And I think we all know what we call an angry cloud…