Portfolio – BlockFi – New Coin Announcements

BlockFi was constantly adding new coins to the platform and we needed a cohesive visual strategy to inform customers and prospective clients alike. Each launch would feature different coins and showcase different projects and each would be a targeted CTA.

Informed by the Brand Strategy and Consumer Insights Team, the Creative Director and I worked with the provided information to define the look: simple, elegant, modern, AND fun.

An important feature of the each animation in the series was versatility across all channels. Stylistically, they had to be clean, clear, and appealing while still retaining an abstract neutrality.

At that point, our target demographic was shifting, we wanted to appeal to more long-term investors, people who valued stability and for whom crypto was only a part of a more diverse portfolio. So, we took our visual cues from trusted tech companies: saturated colors on white with animation that resolves from confusion and chaos to order.

Design Challenge: each coin has its own look/branding and everything needed to feel unified, living in the same world. There was a bit of back and forth, stripping things away, but in the end, the simplicity really helped to bring everything together. Same material, reflectivity, etc made everything feel like it was all under a single umbrella.

Project Goal: Fast. Iterable. Changeable. I’d have advance knowledge of what the coins were, generally, but ones were added and removed day before. Too, with so many coins on the platform…

And just as important was to enable the product designers to integrate the assets, so I automated generation of still images of each coin from various angles and lighting conditions to give the designers as many options as possible. As soon as a new coin was added to the exchange, the Houdini HDA would generator renders of the coin from different angles and automatically output them in multiple file formats to the library. The designers could then access the images and use them in their layouts.

So assets from each promotional video could be used individually across all channels (blog posts, twitter, insta, youtube, etc).