Portfolio – Google – GDD India

Google Developer Studio handled developer outreach. Most of that was working directly with engineers and helping users and developers to understand their products, but we also handled events such as Google I/O. Google was planning their first large event in India (would be the equivalent of Google I/O) and our team was brought in create the live event media elements.

The Final Animation:

The Project

Google Developer Days 2017 was the largest global event Google has ever hosted in India. The animation was to be played on a 40X10 ft screen to open the event.

I was provided with the vector art and challenged with the task of utilizing the on-brand artwork while creating a 3D world for it to inhabit.

The Process

I took the provided Illustrator vector artwork…

And translated it to 3D forms.

The developers were builders, creating applications and worlds from the fundamental tools provided by Google, so that motivated the story: a series of unconnected primary shapes floating individually in a blank canvas and then, magically, pulled together by the force commonality and community, they form cohesive structures. I gathered some initial reference to drive the idea. One of the main ideas was ‘building from simplicity’, leading me back to the idea of children’s building sets, a look that we retained throughout the project (but with a more sleek, refined surface to fall in line with core Google branding principles).

I storyboarded the sequence…

Then we locked down the look: a minimal, clean set taking advantage of the colors and geometric forms to draw attention to the idea of a slowly building world that becomes filled with color, life, and activity, incorporating local Bengali style and landmarks.

Because it was a live event, the primary focus was hitting deadline while pushing the quality of the visuals as high as possible. I moved things quickly into the edit. I began to export bare playblasts in sequence. They were very raw, but we were making sure we could get the timing and general feel down before we started the process of getting approvals up the chain.

This not only helped the approval process, but because the team had a sound engineer / composer in California, as soon as I had a substantial cut, we started working with him to get the music in. It was a daily back and forth, getting the music and the timing down, all the while rendering out stills and getting approvals. 

Once finalized and approved, I delivered the final animation to the specifications set by the event crew in India so it could be presented on the large sceen at the moment the keynote opened.

We not only hit the deadline, but we created a video that set the tone and the standard for all 3D animation at Google Developer Studio and the associated departments.