Portfolio – google developer days india / opening animation


Google Developer Days 2017 was the largest global event Google has ever hosted in India. The animation was to be played on a 40X10 ft screen to open the event.

I was provided with the vector art and challenged with the task of utilizing the on-brand artwork while creating a 3D world for it to inhabit.

We locked down the look: a minimal, clean set taking advantage of the colors and geometric forms to draw attention to the idea of a slowly building world that becomes filled with color, life, and activity, incorporating local Bengali style and landmarks.

Because it was a live event, the primary focus was hitting deadline while pushing the quality of the visuals as high as possible. I was exporting daily edits of playblasts for approval up the (very long) chain, as well as locking down timing of shots for the score while working in collaboration with a composer.

Once finalized and approved, I delivered the final animation to the specifications set by the event crew in India so it could be presented on the large sceen at the moment the keynote opened.