Work from my time at Google, Foster+Partners, The Hut Group, Fuse TV, freelance, and on personal projects.

I'm a 3D motion designer/modeler/animator with over a decade of experience. Having worked professionally as a broadcast video editor, 2D illustrator, and 3D designer, I bring together all my experience to create impactful visuals that tell a bigger story.
I am proficient in Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Nuke, and the Adobe Suite.

Motion Design, 3D Modeling and Animation
REEL 2020


THG . COM Homepage

The Hut Group wanted to entirely revamp their website and front facing imagery before going public.

I handled all phases of production, from initially modelling and texturing the products, to lighting and animating the scenes, to editing and compositing the final piece.

Working against a hard deadline, the creative director storyboarded and supplied reference.


GDD India 2017

Google Developer Days 2017 was the largest global event Google has ever hosted in India. The challenge was to create a opener for a 40X10 foot screen that would energize the attendees and set the tone for the week.

Because of the hard deadline, I was exporting daily cuts of playblasts for approval as well as locking down shots for the score in collaboration with the composer.

Once finalized and approved, I delivered it to the specifications set by the event crew in India so it could be presented on the large sceen at the moment the keynote opened.

^ GDD 2017 OPENER ^

Ingenuity Banner Animation

Ingenuity is an online platform that helps businesses understand their customers. Tech meets luxury.

Working both with an external agency, as well as with the in-house creative leads, we storyboarded and concepted before I launched into production, handling everything from the product modelling to the particle/fluid simulations.


I worked on an anniversary project with the Maps team. I modeled, textured, and animated a series of geographical vignettes to celebrate the history and development of Google Maps.

The assets were meant to be part of a web page that would interactively give an exploded view of the scenes as the user scrolled.

THG Brand Stories

A lot of brands live under the THG umbrella, and we were constantly redefining them to present their evolving stories.



THG Global

Robot Design

I worked alongside engineers and developers from one of Google's internal incubators to design home assistant devices to exist within the Google product ecosystem. Working from descriptions of functionality, intent, and practical materials, I came up with 2D sketches to help the engineers design and spec out what the devices may look, act, and feel like, and then translated those sketches into fully animated and interactive rigs.

The initial reference given were primarily cartoon figures, but also practical consumer home devices, so the designs were quickly brought to basic forms and structures to focus solely on the interactivity and real world industrial design.

My job as the 3D artist was to try out ideas and to visualize them. Also on the project were an industrial designer to physically build and prototype the robots, and a team of developers to bring them to life.

Starting from pencil sketches, I would then model and rig them. Once rigged and animateable, I discussed possible materials with the industrial designer, working out movement and needed parts, eventually taking them to their most basic functions that would still allow for emotional connection and expression.


As Google moved quickly into 3D, the need for consistent, visually streamlined assets came up. I translated existing 2D vector iconography to 3D assets for use across all teams for internal websites. These were modelled in C4D and rendered with Octane.


Working with the developer relations team, I created the graphics and media assets based on the set design of internally produced, externally facing shows that exist outside the official Google branding.

Build Out is a show that caters to developers working within the Google device ecosystems. The project required digital assets such as lower thirds, thumbnails, and endcards based on the set design.

The show was based around the idea of developers and DIY builders.

The set designer provided images and we worked together to create a look that moved seamlessly through the show.

play.bytes is a Google Developers Studio show promoting development for the Play Store. I worked off existing branding while moving more towards a gamer aesthetic for the endcards and thumbnails.




I have also written and animated a number of narrative videos. Click on the images below to see them.

I did a video about coffee.

Or, really, about a specific coffee bean that's not bitter.

I did a video about fruit.

Or, really, about why the strawberry seems, to me, like it would be the best listener of all the fruits.

(on strawberries)

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.